Mint Chaat Popcorn


From Confusion Snacks, a small AAPI-owned business that specializes in South Asian-American fusion flavors. With their Mint Chaat Popcorn, you can give your tastebuds a minty refresh while enjoying the salty, spicy, and sour taste of chaat masala (the queen spice of Indian street food).

  • Ingredients: Spearmint / Chaat Masala (Indian Street Spice) / Salt / Non-GMO Avocado Oil / Non-GMO Mushroom
  • Fusion Flavors: Refreshing / Tangy / Salty
  • Guilt-Free Snacking. Vegan / Gluten Free / No Added Sugars/ Whole Grain
  • Shareable: Each snack-size bag contains ~10 generous cups of popcorn, filled to the brim with popcorn (not air), and is resealable for later munching!
  • High Quality: Made one small batch at a time by our friends at Confusion Snacks

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