Oolong Loose Tea (By the Ounce)

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We're pleased to offer a variety of premium quality oolong loose teas sold by the ounce.

Tung Ting Oolong 

Also called dong ding, tung ting oolong tea comes from Taiwan. Translated as "icy peak," tung ting refers to the name of the mountain where the tea is cultivated. The plants are originally from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian province, China, and were brought to Taiwan about 150 years ago. The plants' current mountain home is in the Luguu region of central Taiwan.

  • Flavor profile: Concentrated notes of dried fruit and aromatic toasted grains. Round and layered. Floral and bright. Very accessible.
  • Caffeine content: Medium

Phoenix Single Trunk Oolong

Dan cong, which translates from Chinese as "single bush" or "single trunk," is a special kind of oolong tea from Fenghuang Shan or Phoenix Mountains in Guangdong province, China.

Use less tea for an aromatic, lighter cup. Use a bit more for a powerful, concentrated flavor.

  • Flavor profile: Fragrance mingles flowers and dried longan fruit. Long finish with concentrated nectar notes. 
  • Caffeine content: Medium

Wuyi Rou Gui Rock and Special Ti Kuan Yin are out of stock.

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