Glass Teapot with Glass Infuser - 34 fl. oz


Long spout glass teapot, with glass infuser and lid.

This glassware can withstand high and low temperatures, was especially designed to use for boiling water, coffee or tea.

Please see the warning below before use: As all glassware is fragile, please always handle with care.

Never place an empty glass pot directly on fire. If the pot is heated without water, it may crack.

It is best to heat using a low flame, never letting the flame get any higher than the bottom of the pot.  Do not exceed temperatures of 120 Celsius or 248 Fahrenheit.

Do not fill the pot with more than 2/3 of water to avoid overflowing of water when it gets to boiling temperature.

Do not have the teapot while it is hot in contact with cold water to avoid cracking. Water is the only liquid to be used with this product. 

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