Grumpy Ginger Malaysian Red Curry, Spicy!


Fragrant and indulgent with a kick, Grumpy Ginger's signature red curry is the perfect way to spice up everything from a quiet night in to your next big dinner party. Quick and versatile, you can cook it with pretty much anything.

  • Each jar serves 8+ meals
  • Vegan, gluten free, 0g added sugar, no preservatives or additives
  • For curry, just add preferred protein/veggies and coconut milk
  • Recommended side dishes: roti (Malaysian flatbread found in Trader Joe’s frozen aisle, on Umami Cart, or at any Asian grocery store), fresh veggies and jasmine rice
  • Heat level: Spicy

Learn about Grumpy Ginger founder, Sue Ann Yong.

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