Reprise Turmeric Gummies


Reprise is a small AAPI-owned business with a modern take on traditional Chinese medicine.

Their mandarin orange-flavored turmeric gummies offer:

  • Joint, Digestive & Mood Support: Rhizome used for centuries to support not only joint health, but also has antioxidant benefits to help neutralize and protect your body from free radicals*
  • Superior Absorption: full-spectrum extraction on whole Turmeric to maintain all the natural ratios and functional essential oils
  • Full Potency: Rigorous sourcing and lab-testing processes to ensure the finest Turmeric complex.
  • Deliciously Fruit Chew: 45 natural mandarin orange-flavored gummies with 240mg (equivalent to 1,200mg whole American Ginseng) extract. 
  • Low Sugar: Plant-based, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and gelatin-free; each Reprise Panax Ginseng gummy contains 3g of sugar, equivalent to 1/5 of a banana.

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