Close up of beautiful red qipa and hanger with double happiness character

Double Your Happiness: 15 Ways to Add Asian Flair to Your Wedding

Congratulations, you’re getting hitched! And perhaps you'd like to add some Asian touches to your wedding. Here are some ways to celebrate Pearl River style. 

A Traditional Qipao

If you’re going traditional Chinese, you might be planning on multiple dress changes, and one of those dresses might be a qipao, also known as a cheongsam. Lucky red is the classic color 

Beautiful red and gold qipao

— although a peacock pattern is also perfectly lovely. 

A Cozy Shawl

Gorgeous black shawl with iridescent peacock design

Sure, that sleeveless qipao looks great, but it won’t necessarily keep you warm. Our pretty peacock velvet shawls to the rescue! Stay cozy with style.

Brocade Bags

Colorful brocade jewelry bags

Make your special day extra special with our lovely brocade bags. Keep your baubles and cosmetics safe and sound in these drawstring bags and these cute purses and cosmetic bags.

Double Happiness Decor

Red and gold double happiness napkins

No Chinese wedding would be complete without a shuang xi, or double happiness symbol. Light a double happiness candle with your betrothed as a symbol of your unity. Add a joyful-times-two cinnabar trivet to your tea ceremony, and deck your banquet tables with shuang xi napkins.

Folding Fans

Arrangement of colorful folding fans

Whether you want to help your guests keep cool at your outdoor summer wedding or after a spin on the dance floor, our folding fans add a delicate touch. We have a wide range of choices, from cherry blossoms to floral patterns. To bold prime colors, sequin-y bling, and elegant peacock feathers.

Pretty Parasols

Display of lovely colorful parasols

Give your guests some shade — the good kind that is —  with our pretty parasols. Available in nylon with solid colors and handpainted patterns.

It's Tea Time

Blue and white tea set with blossom design


Make your tea ceremony extra special with a lovely tea set, whether with a double happiness pattern, cherry blossoms, or classic blue and white flora.

Light the Way with Lanterns

Red lanterns hanging

Add an ethereal ambiance to your twilight or nighttime wedding with strings of lantern lights.

Sign in with Style

Brocade notebooks in various colors

Have your guests sign and leave messages in a beautiful brocade notebook.

A Birdcage for Hongbao

A bamboo bird cage

Moola in hongbao, or red envelopes, are often the gift of choice for Chinese weddings. What better way to stash the cash than with a decorative bamboo birdcage? After the wedding, take the birdcage home and add a touch of whimsy to your decor.

Origami Cranes

Two beautiful origami cranes

Throughout Asia, cranes are a symbol of longevity. In Japanese myth, they were thought to live for a 1,000 years, and that folding one thousand paper cranes, or senbazuru, would grant the folder one wish. Such a practice was picked up by Japanese Americans for their weddings, with the many origami cranes symbolizing a long-lasting marriage.

But if that much folding seems daunting, consider giving one crane each as a favor to your guests.

Chopsticks and Chopstick Holders

Rainbow array of porcelain chopstick holders

Speaking of favors, you might want to gift your guests a set of sleek “night scene” chopsticks, or a cute crane or fortune cookie chopstick holder.

Get Lucky

Several cute ceramic lucky cats

Or give favors infused with fortune, like an adorable ceramic lucky cat or traditional gold ingot replica.

How Sweet It Is

Bag of delicious White Rabbit candy

Get your marriage off to a sweet start by handing out plenty of lucky candy, whether spicy ginger chews or creamy White Rabbit.

Let Your Guests Get Comfortable


Colorful mesh slippers

Get a case of comfy and inexpensive mesh slippers so your guests can literally kick off their shoes and dance.

We want to see your wedding Pearl River style in action! Tag us at @pearl_river_mart in your photos and you might be featured in our Instagram and Facebook feeds.

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