Photographer Hiro Ito with his camera in front of his photographs at the Pearl River Mart gallery

Hiroyuki Ito: The Flip Flop Diary: Japan 2011–2018 (Jan. 18–Feb. 5, 2018)

When New York Times freelance photographer Hiroyuki Ito returned to his native Japan for the first time in almost 20 years, he found himself viewing it as a foreign country. People and practices that were once familiar now seemed strange. So he did what any artist would do: he began to document.

Mr. Ito’s exhibition, The Flip Flop Diary: Japan 2011–2018, explored his initial and subsequent returns to Japan, and what he has seen there. From a gleeful child in a lion head to a peaceful woman on a teeming subway to ladies in kimonos in front of a Starbucks, his pictures often juxtapose opposites. Joy and ferocity, calm and chaos, the old and the new. 

Learn more about the artist in our interview with him.

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