The artists from the REUNION exhibition in Pearl River Mart

Reunion: Food as Culture, Community, and Coming Home (Feb. 1–April 21, 2024)

This exhibition celebrated that unsung hero, the food photographer, in particular those of AAPI descent.
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Some of the participating artists from Corky Lee on My Mind

Corky Lee on My Mind (June 11—Sept. 18, 2021)

We were honored to relaunch our gallery in SoHo with an exhibition celebrating our dear friend, photographer, and legend, Corky Lee.
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Alfonso Sjogreen, Suzette Gabriel-Schoebitz, and Rafael Giovanola-Endrass at Suzette's opening reception

Suzette Gabriel-Schoebitz: From Trash to Treasure: Muong Ngoi, Laos to NYC (Sept. 6–21, 2019)

The world faces a garbage dilemma. Trash threatens to take over, yet we continue to consume. “I am one of millions producing trash daily,” says jeweler and activist Suzette Gabriel-Schoebitz. “I do not want to leave my grandchildren such a polluted world.”
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Photographer Johnny Tang pointing at his own photograph in the Pearl River Mart gallery in Tribeca

Johnny Tang: World of One (March 23–May 5, 2019)

In the surreal and mind-bending images of WORLD OF ONE, photography Johnny Tang explored themes of individuality, conformity, and otherness. 
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Curators Diane Wong and Huiying B. Chan in front of a global map in the Pearl River Mart gallery in Tribeca

Diane Wong and Huiying B. Chan: Homeward Bound: Global Intimacies in Converging Chinatowns (Nov. 10, 2018–Jan. 25, 2019)

As queer Chinese American scholars, organizers, and artists, Diane Wong and Huiying B. Chan curated this exhibition centering narratives of home, community, and intergenerational resistance.
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Photographers Andrew Kung and Emanuel Hahn in front of their photos in the Pearl River Mart gallery in Tribeca

Andrew Kung and Emanuel Hahn: The Mississippi Delta Chinese (May 18–July 15, 2018)

Through a mixture of audio recordings, portraiture, and environmental photography, this project from these New York-based photographers explores the lives of the Chinese community in the rural South.
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Photographer Hiro Ito with his camera in front of his photographs at the Pearl River Mart gallery

Hiroyuki Ito: The Flip Flop Diary: Japan 2011–2018 (Jan. 18–Feb. 5, 2018)

When New York Times freelance photographer Hiroyuki Ito returned to his native Japan for the first time in almost 20 years, he found himself viewing it as a foreign country. People and practices that were once familiar now seemed strange. So he did what any artist would do: he began to document.
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Artist Louis Chan in front of one of his large-scale photographs

Louis Chan: My Home (March 18–May 11, 2017)

Louis Chan’s large-as-life photographs explore New York City immigrants’ lives in America through their possessions and how they display them, from Disney decals to a map of China to a plethora of stuffed pink pigs.
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Photographer Corky Lee pointing at Museum of Sex photo in the Pearl River Mart gallery in Tribeca

Corky Lee: Chinese America on My Mind (Dec. 8, 2016–Jan. 2, 2017)

Legendary "Asian American Photographer Laureate" Corky Lee strives to make visible the often invisible aspects of Asian American culture and history. 
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