My First Book of Indonesian Words

SKU: 9780804853118

My First Book of Indonesian Words introduces Indonesian language and culture to young children in a fun, playful way.

The familiar ABC rhyming structure combines with colorful illustrations to encourage the natural ability of children to easily pick up new languages and vocabulary.

Words for things kids know in English (like 
kucing, or "cat") are joined by words specific to Indonesian culture (gamelanbatiklegong), giving children a glimpse into Indonesian culture and life. Everyday expressions -- such as "Apa kabar?" which means "How are you?" -- give them a chance to communicate in a meaningful way and show them that when it comes to courtesy and friendliness, other cultures have a lot in common with their own.

Cultural and linguistic notes are added for parents, teachers and librarians to enhance the learning experience. The cheerful illustrations depict a friendly and culturally rich nation, where the people are happy to know you and to share a bit of how they live.

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