Pearl River Mart Foods store with Too Good to Go logo

Fighting Food Waste Every Day at Pearl River Mart Foods

Today is officially Stop Food Waste Day, but we celebrate it every day at Pearl River Mart Foods.
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The Qingming Festival: A Time to Honor Ancestors and Celebrate Spring

The Qingming Festival: A Time to Honor Ancestors and Celebrate Spring

Mexico has the Day of the Dead. Japan has the Bon Festival. In Chinese culture, people honor their ancestors during Qingming.
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A group of terracotta warriors in Xi'an China

An Amazing Ancient Discovery: A Brief Guide to the Xi'an Terracotta Army

On March 29, 1974, a group of farmers outside Xi'an made an amazing discovery.
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Woman in gray shirt standing behind counter (Maiko Kyogoku of Bessou)

Maiko Kyogoku of Bessou: Finding Her Way Home Through Japanese Home Cooking

While we love taste-testing new food products, we also love learning about how they came to be.
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Pearl River employees at annual dinner

The Pearl River Annual Employee Dinner Is Back!

It's been a whole two years since we last had our annual employee dinner. So we're extra grateful to have been able to do so Sunday night.
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Hira doll

Hinamatsuri: 8 Darling Details about Japan's Doll Festival

Have you always wanted a holiday that combines beautiful dolls, delicious treats, and good wishes for girls? You're in luck.
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Gold piggy banks

Happy National Pig Day! 7 Swine-y Snippets

While we won't have another Year of the Pig until 2031, we have the excuse every year to celebrate our favorite porcine pal.
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Small dish of kimchi

Kicking It With Kimchi: Eight Essential Fun Facts

On this National Cabbage Day, we celebrate that napa-cabbage-based ultimate Korean side dish, kimchi.
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Gorgeous display of red lanterns during the Lantern Festival in Taiwan

The Lantern Festival: A Beautiful End to Lunar New Year

It’s been a fun and festive two weeks of Lunar New Year celebrations, but like all good things, they must come to an end. Luckily they end with the Lantern Festival.
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Lantern display in Empire State Plaze in Albany, NY

Albany Shines a Light on #LightUpChinatown

We were delighted to help New York State celebrate Lunar New Year for the first time in the State Capitol by designing a gorgeous installation.
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Pearl River Mart staff with lion dancers

Happy Year of the Tiger!

It's been a whirlwind of a Lunar New Year season, and you all have made it so much fun. Here's a look back at the past festive few weeks.
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Lion dancers on main concourse of Chelsea Market

LNY Festivities with Pearl River Mart

We have lots of fun stuff lined up, from events to products to free gifts.
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