Blue, green, and white mini buddhas

Happy Birthday Buddha! Five of His Symbolic Positions and What They Mean

Today is the Vesak Festival, which commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha Gautama. We're celebrating by exploring the different meanings behind his various symbolic gestures.

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A bright and colorful statue of Ganesha

Time to Appreciate Some Elephants! Five Fun Facts about Elephants in Asian Culture

Happy World Elephant Day! Revered throughout Asia, the peaceful pachyderm is considered a symbol of wisdom, strength, and protection. But what else do you know about the gentle giant? Test your elephant IQ with these fun facts.
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Peaceful white figurine of Guan Yin against a bright background

Six Serene Things You Might Not Know About the Goddess of Mercy

The Goddess of Mercy, also known as Guan Yin, is a peaceful figure that you’ll see in parks, temples, and homes around the world. But what does she represent exactly?
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Laughing Budai figurine

The Laughing ‘Buddha’: 6 Playful Pieces of Trivia About Budai

You might know this jolly, corpulent fellow as the “fat” or “laughing Buddha,” but did you know he's not a Buddha at all? Learn more about this delightful deity.
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Three Japanese tea cups with red sea bream

From Abundance to Victory: Five Ways Fish Swim in Significance in Asian Culture

If you’ve ever perused our aisles or website, you might have noticed that fish are a big theme in everything from ceramics to parasols to lanterns. That’s because the aquatic creature plays an important role in various Asian cultures. Here are five ways our finned friends swim in significance.
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A gold colored money toad figurine with red eyes

Get Good Feng Shui: 9 Lucky Items for the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is all about starting the year off with as much as luck as possible. You can do so by adding these nine auspicious items to you home or workspace.
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Rolls of white sage on a shelf

Smudging Sage: Give Your Space a Fresh, New Start

There are many ways you can create good feng shui as you decorate your home or office. But did you know there’s something you can do even before you start decorating?
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Buddha statue with smoke from incense

The Art of Incense: Purification, Relaxation, and More

Chances are you’ve smelled it, whether passing an Asian temple, at the spa, or in someone’s home. But where does the practice of burning incense come from and what does it all mean?
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