Bowl of seafood congee

Happy World Porridge Day! Five Flavorful Fun Facts About Congee

While the world celebrates porridge every Oct. 10, we celebrate congee every day. Check out five delicious tidbits about this ultimate comfort food.
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Noodles with an egg and bok choy in a bowl with chopsticks surrounded by blue and white bowls

Long Life, Quick Eating, and Drowning Your Sorrows: 10 Tasty Tidbits on National Noodle Day

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re huge noodle fans.
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A night view of a city with a beautiful pink moon

The Mid-Autumn Festival: Family, the Full Moon, and Mooncakes

You might already know about Lunar New Year, the biggest holiday in many Asian countries, but how about the second biggest holiday?
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Some paper-wrapped Chinese sponge cakes

Six Delicious Things You Might Not Know About This Chinese Pastry

Puffy. Eggy. Mildly sweet. You might know it well: the Chinese sponge cake. 
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Fortune cookie with message, "Soon you'll take a trip to Pearl River Mart"

8 Things You Might Not Know About Fortune Cookies

Happy Fortune Cookie Day! Find out more about this seemingly simple treat.
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Containers of various Kimchee Spam

Spam Facts: 9 Tidbits You May Not Know About This Canned Ham

Happy unofficial Spam Day! Eat up some tasty tidbits about this versatile meat.
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One large and several small cabbage figurines on store shelf

The Humble Cabbage: A Valuable Vegetable in Chinese Culture

We admit we're a bit obsessed with this humble vegetable.
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Many pink and white tangyuan

Don’t Freeze Your Ears Off: What to Eat During the Dongzhi Festival

You might know about the winter solstice, but do you know about the Dongzhi Festival?
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Small dish of kimchi

Kicking It With Kimchi: Eight Essential Fun Facts

Happy Kimchi Day! Celebrate this refreshing side dish with some delicious fun facts.
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Three kinds of Pocky: matcha, cookies 'n cream, banana chocolate

Pocky Day: 11 Fun Facts About Our Favorite Snack in a Stick

While every day is Pocky Day here at Pearl River, this yummy Japanese snack in a stick is celebrated worldwide every November 11 (11-11, get it?).
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Many bubble teas lined up

Slurp ‘Em Up! 8 Flavorful Fun Facts About Bubble Tea

For some, bubble tea is much more than just a beverage slash dessert. Learn more by slurping up these eight tasty tidbits about the Taiwanese phenomenon.
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Blue and white striped dish with bright yellow egg tarts, and hand holding a tart

A Brief History Egg Tarts, From Portuguese Monks to Hong Kong Hipsters

That creamy filling. That flaky crust. The way it’s so easy  too easy  to eat several in one sitting. Learn eight things you might not know about the Chinese egg tart.
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