Fortune cookie with message, "Soon you'll take a trip to Pearl River Mart"

8 Things You Might Not Know About Fortune Cookies

Happy Fortune Cookie Day! Find out more about this seemingly simple treat.
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Containers of various Kimchee Spam

Spam Facts: 9 Tidbits You May Not Know About This Canned Ham

Happy unofficial Spam Day! Eat up some tasty tidbits about this versatile meat.
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Dragon boat racing in Australia

The Dragon Boat Festival: Eat, Don't Drink, But Be Merry

What holiday involves dragon-like boats, sticky rice pyramids, and toxic wine? If you guessed the Dragon Boat Festival, you’d be right. But do you know where those traditions came from? Find out!
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Joanne Kwong and Brian Lee holding student letter in Pearl River Mart Foods

A Lovely Student Letter

Sometimes it's the little things that make our day! An eighth-grade student named Jack wrote us the nicest letter and we just had to share it.
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Daruma and lucky cat planters

Father's Day 2023: 10 Gift Ideas for Dad

Whether he's a plant lover, fashion maven, or hard to shop for, we have something for the dad in your life. 
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Large group at Pearl River Mart Sunset Celebration

Another Fun Sunset Celebration! 2023 Edition

A million thanks to all who came out for our AAPIHM Sunset Celebration last Friday!
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Woman in purple dress standing on a rooftop with buildings behind her

A Customer Story: Finding the Perfect Dress

We always love a good customer story, and were delighted when Dr. Catherine Ma shared hers.
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Ming Qian Longqing tea in pink canister with tea cups

Last minute Mother's Day gift ideas!

It's not too late to get something for the mom in your life!
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Red carnation with other carnations and leaves in background

Happy Mother's Day! How 7 Asian Countries Celebrate

You probably have your own Mother’s Day traditions, but have you ever wondered about traditions in other countries?
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Artist Arlan Huang with the Just Between Us catalog

Just Between Us Catalog!

Accompanying the exhibition, "Just Between Us: From the Archives of Arlan Huang," is this fully illustrated catalog.
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Crowd at Pearl River Mart's 2022 AAPIHM Sunset Celebration

AAPIHM 2023: Art Exhibitions, A Sunset Celebration, and More Fun Treats

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month is almost here, which means lots of fun stuff coming your way!
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White bowls with black and red rooster design

Rooster Bowls: More Than Festive Tableware

These rooster bowls aren't just fun and festive. They're inspired by a long tradition.
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