Mathew Wong in front of pumpkin display

Mathew Wong of Tea and Milk: Giving Back to the Community, One Bubble Tea at a Time

We had the chance to speak with the Tea and Milk co-founder about growing up on the Lower East Side, exchanging the world of law for the world of bubble tea, and what rays of light he’s seen through these current dark times.
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Andrew Yung wearing glasses and yellow sweatshirt in front of Asian snacks at Pearl River Mart

Andrew Yung of PINTRILL: Putting a Pin in Pop Culture, Obsessions, and Things We Just Love

Who doesn’t love an enamel pin? We do! That’s why we’re so excited to announce our official collaboration with PINTRILL. We had the chance to speak with the company’s co-founder, Andrew Yung, about how he started the company, what he’s obsessed with right now, and his love of beverages.
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Neon sculpture artist Juno Shen lounging on display in front of her mahjong light piece at Pearl River Mart in Chelsea Market

Let There Be Light: A Conversation with Neon Sculpture Artist Juno Shen

You might have seen her work in HBO’s High Maintenance, designer Sandy Liang’s showroom, or nail artist superstar Mei Kawakiri’s Instagram feed. Now you can see the bold and eye-catching work of neon light artist Juno Shen in our Chelsea Market store.
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Author photo of Christine Wong

Mindful Eating, Mindful Living: Chatting with Christine Wong, Author of The Plantiful Plate

Your New Year resolution might have been to eat healthier, but how exactly? Christine Wong, a certified health coach and creative director of Pearl River friend LUCKYRICE, can help.
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Display of Kee's Chocolates at Pearl River Mart

Kee Ling Tong of Kee’s Chocolates: From the Corporate World to the Chocolate Factory

While there’s a lot to be said for Asian candy, sometimes you can’t beat a delicious piece of chocolate. That’s where Kee’s Chocolates comes in. We had the chance to speak to founder Kee Ling Tong about how she went from the corporate world to running her own sweet business.

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Jon Sukarangsan of Rail + River at his display at Pearl River Mart

Jon Sukarangsan of Rail + River: Style Is a Story

New York-based Rail + River specializes in handmade ties and pocket squares inspired by cultures around the world. Founder Jon Sukarangsan spoke to us about style versus fashion, the most common fashion faux pas men make, and why the details matter.

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Alicia Yoon wearing a white shirt

Alicia Yoon of Peach & Lily: Bringing Korean Culture and Beauty to the U.S.

Who loves beauty products? (✋) How about K-beauty products? (🙌) Us too! Alicia Yoon, founder and chief curator of Peach & Lily, a premier K-beauty line, spoke to us about what got her interested in skincare, who inspires her the most, and what she does to recharge.
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Florence Shin and Athena Wang

Covry Sunwear: Making Sunglasses Cool *And* Comfortable for All Kinds of Faces

If you’re like us (think low nose bridges and high cheekbones), you might have had trouble finding sunglasses that fit properly. Covry with Elevated Fit® to the rescue!

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Lexton Moy with tote bag standing against wall

Lexton Moy of CYNONYC: Excited for His Next Big Adventure

Did you know one of our featured designers was a professional soccer player? We had the chance to speak to Lexton Moy about his former career, how he started his company, and how his family inspires him every day.
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Cynthia Koo in pink tank top holding dumpling cartoon cutout

Cynthia Koo of Wonton in a Million: Making a Childhood Dream Come True

Dim sum-inspired keychains, stickers, and enamel pins. What could be cuter? Not much. That’s why featuring Cynthia Koo’s Wonton in a Million collection at our new Chelsea Market location was a no-brainer.
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Patricia Chang in front of a window

Patricia Chang: A Whimsical Vision and Sharp Business Mind

The creator behind whimsical handbags and wallets as well as ridiculously adorable baby wear talked to us about how she started her own business, the challenges of balancing family and work, and that time she dreamed about robots.
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