Lexton Moy with tote bag standing against wall

Lexton Moy of CYNONYC: Excited for His Next Big Adventure

Did you know one of our featured designers was a professional soccer player? We had the chance to speak to Lexton Moy about his former career, how he started his company, and how his family inspires him every day.
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Cynthia Koo in pink tank top holding dumpling cartoon cutout

Cynthia Koo of Wonton in a Million: Making a Childhood Dream Come True

Dim sum-inspired keychains, stickers, and enamel pins. What could be cuter? Not much. That’s why featuring Cynthia Koo’s Wonton in a Million collection at our new Chelsea Market location was a no-brainer.
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Ben Sloat's exhibition at Pearl River Mart Tribeca gallery of gold wall paper with illustrations of Deng Xiao Ping

Artist-in-Residence Ben Sloat: Exploring History, Curating Experiences

We're so pleased to announce our latest art exhibition, The Pearls That Were His Eyes, featuring artist Ben Sloat and curated by Julia Kirchmer.
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Rolls of white sage on a shelf

Smudging Sage: Give Your Space a Fresh, New Start

There are many ways you can create good feng shui as you decorate your home or office. But did you know there’s something you can do even before you start decorating?
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Wall Street Journal's Future of Everything logo

WSJ's The Future of Everything: The Future of Retail

We had the honor of representing small local businesses who are now the future of retail.
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Gold lucky cat

New York Post: NYC's Cult Favorite Store Is Back

We were thrilled to see ourselves in the pages of this iconic New York newspaper.
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Lion dancer in front of Chelsea Market at night

We're Heeere! Pearl River Mart Is Now at Chelsea Market!

The big day has finally arrived. We've opened our doors at Chelsea Market!

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Patricia Chang in front of a window

Patricia Chang: A Whimsical Vision and Sharp Business Mind

The creator behind whimsical handbags and wallets as well as ridiculously adorable baby wear talked to us about how she started her own business, the challenges of balancing family and work, and that time she dreamed about robots.
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Friendship Box, jasmine tea, blue and white tea mug, Pocky, Bee and Flower soap, and other snacks

Our Latest Friendship Box: Get a Taste of Pearl River

Our latest bi-monthly subscription box is designed to give you a taste of Pearl River — literally.
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Window wrap at Pearl River Mart in Chelsea Market that says Ni Hao

Countdown to Chelsea Market!

We’re just two weeks away from the big day: the grand opening of our second home in the food-iest place on earth — Chelsea Market in New York City.
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A shiny gold lucky cat

A Brief History of Cats in Asian Culture

With a lucky cat as our unofficial mascot, we’re more than a little excited about National Cat Day on October 29. Here are eight things you might not know about cats in Asian culture.
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Artists Space logo

Joining Forces with Artists Space to Support Contemporary Art

We’re so excited to announce our participation in Social Surfaces, a fundraising exhibition to support the relocation of our friend and neighbor, Artists Space.
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