Architect Philip Poon with is model, Chinatown Gateway

Philip Poon: Shared Spaces (July 13–Aug. 31, 2019)

The power of architecture comes from both its ubiquity and necessity. Unlike photography, film, painting, or sculpture, it's always present in our lives — we sleep, eat, talk, and argue in architecture. It literally shapes the world around us. It can welcome or discriminate, unite or divide. It can be shared.
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Artist Yumi Sakugawa in front of her mural and mannequin with flowers in the Pearl River Mart gallery

Yumi Sakugawa: Fashion Forecasts (Sept. 15–Nov. 4, 2018)

What if fashion celebrated our ancestral lineage and the elders in our community? What if it created spontaneous energetic collaborations among strangers in sound, healing, performance, dialogue, and movement all over public spaces and in daily life?
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Artist Xin Song with her hanging papercut cube in the Pearl River Mart gallery in Tribeca

Xin Song: Sparkling (Feb. 18–March 24, 2018)

Contemporary artist Xin Song takes the ancient Chinese folk art of papercutting to a whole new level.
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Artist Ben Sloat in front of gold wallpaper with Chinese landscape design

Ben Sloat: The Pearls That Were His Eyes (Dec. 9, 2017–Jan. 2, 2018)

Artist Ben Sloat and curator Julia Kirchmer explore Chinese history, old and new, by layering idealized images of both ancient and modern worlds — from sumptuous gold wallpaper depicting a life long gone, to oil paintings of the father of modern China, to the walls of Pearl River itself.
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Artist Wiena Lin surrounded by friends with red lanterns and lion head art piece in background

Wiena Lin: Future Lion (Jan. 28–March 12, 2017)

This interactive art installation created by Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Wiena Lin contemplates the future of Chinese culture as the development of technology and our dependence on it reaches a climax.
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