Large group flying kites

Kites in Asian Cultures: Eight Things You Might Not Know

Go fly a kite with these eight high-flying fun facts.
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Red brocade coin purse in basket with other brocade coin purses

Four Fun Facts About Beautiful Brocade

Brocade has always been part of Pearl River Mart's fabric (so to speak). But where does it come from and what are the different kinds?
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A group of young people light a floating candle in honor of the king of Thailand and, by extension, all fathers

Different Ways of Celebrating Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner! Here are eight things you might not know about dad day traditions throughout Asia.
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Blue, green, and white mini buddhas

Happy Birthday Buddha! Five of His Symbolic Positions and What They Mean

Today is the Vesak Festival, which commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha Gautama. We're celebrating by exploring the different meanings behind his various symbolic gestures.

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Many bubble teas lined up

Slurp ‘Em Up! 8 Flavorful Fun Facts About Bubble Tea

For some, bubble tea is much more than just a beverage slash dessert. Learn more by slurping up these eight tasty tidbits about the Taiwanese phenomenon.
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Hinamatsuri doll dispaly

Hinamatsuri: 8 Darling Details about Japan's Doll Festival

Have you always wanted a holiday that combines beautiful dolls, delicious treats, and good wishes for girls? You're in luck.
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Gold piggy banks

Happy National Pig Day! 7 Swine-y Snippets

While we won't have another Year of the Pig until 2031, we have the excuse every year to celebrate our favorite porcine pal.
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Gold tiger figurine

Year of the Tiger: Everything You Need to Know

As of the first of February, we'll be roaring into the '20s with the Year of the Tiger.
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Little pocket Chinese almanac

The 2022 Chinese pocket almanac is here! And the cover means a lot

We're extra excited this year because the beautiful cover art is by none other than our friend, talented artist Kam Mak.
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Japanese painting of a samurai warrior with the ghost of a woman

The 10 Most Terrifying Ghosts in Asian Cultures

Think hungry ghosts are the only specters in Asian culture? Think again! Here are 10 of the most terrifying ghosts from Asian countries.

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Horse figurine at Pearl River Mart

From Heavenly Creatures to Bodyguards in Hell: Five Fun Facts About Horses in Chinese Culture

If you haven't already noticed, we're getting a lot of inspiration from our Brooklyn warehouse finds. One of the latest is this pretty wooden horse statue, which of course means lot of fun facts about horses in Chinese culture.
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Baby mannequin with All That and Dim Sum onesie and tiger hat with tiger booties

Chinese Traditions for Babies and New Moms

Have a new baby in your life? Check out some fun Chinese traditions that celebrate the little one.
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