Offerings of incense, paper money, and fruit for hungry ghosts

The Hungry Ghost Festival: Feeding and Appeasing Hangry Haints

In October Halloween is celebrated by much of the Western world, but a couple of months beforehand, some Asian countries celebrate another kind of ghostly holiday.
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A bright and colorful statue of Ganesha

Time to Appreciate Some Elephants! Five Fun Facts about Elephants in Asian Culture

Happy World Elephant Day! Revered throughout Asia, the peaceful pachyderm is considered a symbol of wisdom, strength, and protection. But what else do you know about the gentle giant? Test your elephant IQ with these fun facts.
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Chinese pocket almanac held in front of Lunar New Year display

What Will the Year of the Ox Bring?

The official 15-day Lunar New Year period has ended, and you’ve done all you can to stay lucky. So what will the Year of the Ox bring?
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Lion dancers in Pearl River Mart at Chelsea Market

A Little About Lion Dancing

You might know lion dancing is an integral part of Lunar New Year celebrations, but what does it mean and where does the tradition come from? Here are some fun facts you might not know about lion dancing.
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Red envelopes and oranges for Chinese New Year

12 Ways to Get Lucky this Lunar New Year

We could all use more luck in our lives. And with the Lunar New Year right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to up the good fortune ante.
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Ox and rat figurines

The Year of the Ox: Everything You Need to Know

With the Year of the Rat almost over, the Year of the Ox is next, beginning Feb. 12. Enjoy our guide to everything you need to know about this hardworking bovine.
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Chinese tea cups with kettle pouring water over tea leaves

Spilling the Tea on Tea: A Primer on the World’s Most Popular Beverage

Hot drink season is here so you know what that means: time to stock up on all things tea. That got us wondering about this beloved beverage and where it comes from.
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Porcelain bowl in "sweet white" glaze

Sweet White, Blood Red, and Blue and White: An Emperor’s Prized Porcelains

While we love all kinds of porcelain, there’s something also to be said for a sweet and simple white. That got us thinking about “sweet white” porcelain of the imperial variety.
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Pearl River chop with stamp

Presenting the New Pearl River Chop: How It Was Made

We’re so pleased to present the new Pearl River Mart chop! And to show you how the artist behind it made it.
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Several bowls in blue and white ling long style

The Devil Is in the Details: 5 Fun Facts About Ling Long Porcelain

You might have grown up with these bowls, dishes, and cups in your home. You might have some in your cupboard right now. That classic blue and white design embedded with rice grains — Ling Long porcelain.
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Large pile of thorny durian fruit

Happy (Unofficial) Durian Day! 10 Funky Fun Facts About This Prickly Fruit

While June 26 isn’t officially Durian Day, we agree with Fly FM, an English-language radio station based in Malaysia, that it should be. That’s why we’re celebrating with 10 funky fun facts about this king of the fruits.
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Wooden fan with Chinese calligraphy

The Ancient Art of Chinese Calligraphy: Four Treasured Tidbits

Chinese calligraphy has long been viewed as the supreme visual art form. But how did it originate and what makes it so special? 

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