Woman holding heart-shaped light

What’s Your Sign? The Chinese Zodiac Guide to Love

Some believe people born under certain signs of the Chinese zodiac match up better — and worse — than others. Read this post to find your best and worst matches!
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Red glass ornament with fu Chinese character in gold

Apples, Fried Chicken, and a Very Special Box: Christmas Traditions in Asian Countries

While Christmas is primarily a Western celebration, it’s still observed in many countries throughout Asia.
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Many pink and white tangyuan

Don’t Freeze Your Ears Off: What to Eat During the Dongzhi Festival

You might know about the winter solstice, but do you know about the Dongzhi Festival?
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Small dish of kimchi

Kicking It With Kimchi: Eight Essential Fun Facts

Happy Kimchi Day! Celebrate this refreshing side dish with some delicious fun facts.
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Many origami cranes on the steps of a building

Know When to Fold ‘Em: 6 Things You Might Not Know About Origami

Every Nov. 11 celebrates the Japanese art of paper folding.
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Three kinds of Pocky: matcha, cookies 'n cream, banana chocolate

Pocky Day: 11 Fun Facts About Our Favorite Snack in a Stick

While every day is Pocky Day here at Pearl River, this yummy Japanese snack in a stick is celebrated worldwide every November 11 (11-11, get it?).
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Joanne Kwong and family in Thailand by the water

Pearl River in Thailand

In case you missed it, Pearl River President Joanne Kwong and her family were in Thailand last month! Check out some highlights.
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A player's mahjong hand on a table

The Meaning of Mahjong

To generations of Chinese and Chinese diaspora — including many of us at Pearl River — mahjong is much more than just a game.
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Large group flying kites

Kites in Asian Cultures: Eight Things You Might Not Know

Go fly a kite with these eight high-flying fun facts.
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Red brocade coin purse in basket with other brocade coin purses

Four Fun Facts About Beautiful Brocade

Brocade has always been part of Pearl River Mart's fabric (so to speak). But where does it come from and what are the different kinds?
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A group of young people light a floating candle in honor of the king of Thailand and, by extension, all fathers

Different Ways of Celebrating Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner! Here are eight things you might not know about dad day traditions throughout Asia.
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Blue, green, and white mini buddhas

Happy Birthday Buddha! Five of His Symbolic Positions and What They Mean

Today is the Vesak Festival, which commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha Gautama. We're celebrating by exploring the different meanings behind his various symbolic gestures.

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